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Elder Law is a holistic application of general legal principles intended to assist the financial and logistical needs of an ever-increasing number of senior citizens. It is imperative to plan for both incapacitation and potential long-term care.

Planning for incapacitation allows an individual to formulate his/her personal, health care, and financial decisions and to avoid the court system making those decisions. Incapacitation derives from an illness or injury, and removes the legal ability for you to make decisions about your own well-being. You and your loved ones know what’s best for you–you should take control of the dire situation in advance instead of relying on an interpretation of what a court may consider best.

Planning for long-term care goes hand-in-hand with planning for your possible incapacitation. The expenses associated with nursing homes and assisted living centers, and various medical necessities (prescriptions, equipment, therapy, etc.) only become more expensive every year. Although some senior citizens qualify for Medicare, those plans only cover acute (short-term, treatable) care but not chronic (long-term, dependent) care. Medicaid may compensate for some portion of these expenses, but Medicaid eligibility is limited based on income and asset restrictions.

Setting up a financial plan for your long-term care may provide peace of mind and save you and your loved ones from heartache. Establishing a financial plan through Long-Term Care Insurance and planning asset distributions around the potential need of Medicaid allows you control over your assets once you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself. Help yourself and your loved ones today by contacting the attorneys of The Barber Law Office and begin or continue

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